Working together for hydrogen

Which applications does hydrogen offer in reality? Which experience have companies already gained with this energy carrier? Where is political support needed? These questions were subject of a discussion between state parliament member Stefan Teufel and regional companies. The common conclusion: Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg must be given greater consideration in the state’s infrastructure planning.

With regard to the transport sector, our managing director Marius Neininger emphasized: “If Germany wants to become climate-neutral, it will have to rely on transport companies. But this needs nationwide refueling stations, reliable pipelines and competitive vehicles.”The transport industry has no planning certainty. It is the declared aim of his work as chairman of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Committee for Transport and Infrastructure to push this forward.

“Successful transformation is only possible in a network,” emphasised Wolfgang Häußler from the Marquardt Group. As chairman of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Committee automotive working group, he reflected the mood of the regional suppliers. “Hydrogen technology offers opportunities for new products and services. But this requires an exchange between companies, science and educational institutions.” However, regional automotive suppliers often have little capacity for research and development. Häussler: “It is therefore important that universities and vocational training centres are also strengthened in the development of hydrogen technology.

We would like to thank Mr Stefan Teufel for his time and the active exchange about this subject. His conclusion: “Hydrogen technology has the potential to fundamentally change the economic region Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg. We want to develop this in a positiv way and are therefore committed to it.”

Image source: ©MdL Teufel

(from left to right): Wolfgang Häussler (Marquart Group), Nikolas Haller (Haller Industriebau), Dominik Bucher (Buerk Kauffmann), Lothar Reinhardt, Thomas Albiez (IHK), Marius Neininger (Bächle Logistics), Stefan Teufel, Ulrich Köngeter, Philipp Hilsenbek (IHK).