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Integrated management system used by Bächle Hugger and affiliated subsidaries of Swiss Post AG

Bächle Hugger and affiliated subsidiaries of Swiss Post AG use an integrated management system (IMS) in order to combine all of the existing management systems within the company. This benefits us in numerous ways, such as…

  • the use of synergies (e.g. the ability to implement similar requirements of different standards in one work step – for example, one guide for all management systems)
  • pooling of resources (e.g. combining areas of responsibility, audits and training)
  • avoiding unnecessary or duplicate structures to simplify the administration of management systems (e.g. amalgamation of individual tasks and combining organisational processes)
  • preventing potential inefficiencies when processing the various existing management systems
  • saving time, money and resources
  • achieving the relevant targets, in this case: ongoing improvement/development of own services to achieve greater customer and employee satisfaction.

The management systems in place at Bächle Hugger and its affiliated subsidiaries at Swiss Post AG are dependent on location and vary in terms of content. As of 12/2022 this applies to…

  • Villingen-Schwenningen
    • ISO 9001 quality management + ISO 14001 environmental management (via SVG Zert)
    • Civil emergency prevention in road traffic
  • Aldingen
    • ISO 9001 quality management + ISO 14001 environmental management + HACCP concept (via CargoLine / Intertek)
    • s.a.f.e. certificate (DSLV Bundesverband Spedition und Logistik e.V.)
    • HACCP (System Alliance / DEKRA Certification GmbH)
    • Environmental footprint pursuant to DIN EN 14064:2012 for CargoLine GmbH & Co. KG – Entire cooperation (Intertek)
    • Transport carbon footprint pursuant to DIN EN 16258:2013 for CargoLine GmbH & Co. KG – Entire cooperation (Intertek)
    • Civil emergency prevention in road traffic
  • Stuttgart – Zuffenhausen
    • ISO 9001 quality management (via QAS International)

Management systems such as occupational safety or the handling of hazardous substances are incorporated into the integrated management system not in certified form, but implemented across different sites.

By pooling the various management systems and aforementioned management systems into one IMS, all requirements and processes that are essential to a company can be specifically presented and implemented. In doing so, all processes and tasks within the company can be fully analysed and optimised. The resulting solutions can then be easily applied across all company areas.


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