Future-oriented. Since 1938.

Two renowned logistics companies with decades of experience combine their wealth of knowledge to create new synergies: Bächle Hugger was formed in 2022.

Die Unternehmen

  • 1945

    Bächle Logistics GmbH: Company founded by Otto Bächle

  • 1938

    Hugger GmbH: Company founded by Georg Hugger

Die Zusammenführung

  • 2018

    Sale of the innovative, family-run business Bächle Logistics GmbH to Swiss Post, expansion of metals freight management area

  • 2022

    Hugger Logistics is acquired by Bächle Logistics GmbH to become part of Swiss Post

  • 2022

    The shipping companies Gaiser in Rielasingen, Nolden in Kerpen and Effinger in Brigachtal were acquired by Bächle Logistics GmbH.